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different networks, same computer (map mapping ?)

I would like a laptop to work in two kinds of networks automatically if possible. At home, I am running a DHCP server and if the laptop is connected to my switch(CAT5 cable to eth0) and booted up, it looks for and gets an IP address (it is running a dhcp client). Now when that laptop is taken to the university, the user needs to change the /etc/network/interfaces file to give the machine a static address. I am looking for a way that this choice between dhcp/static happens automatically.

I have been reading manpages of interfaces and learned we can map a physical device as logical devices and make it work in different modes. I am looking for examples where this is already done, the documentation in man interfaces is, well, not very clear about all the nuts and bolts, or so I believe. All help is appreciated.


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