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Re: problems with qla2x00

> > i guess the idea is that the SAN is a single point of failure.

> But aren't single points of failure A Bad Thing?

if either A or B fails your system fails is a bad thing. (the system
depending on two hard drives)

if A fails your system fails is not as bad. (the system depending on one
hard drive)

> Does the QLogic SAN driver support redundancy (2 cards, both doing
> the same thing, so that if one card dies, the box keeps working)?

yes, some cards do (i believe). but this one does not.

> A simple "little" 80GB IDE hard drive doesn't seem that complicated
> (unless you have a dozen boxes, which is a good reason for wanting
> to boot off the SAN).
> Booting off an IDE drive is about as simple/known/robust as one
> could imagine.  No need for special drivers, work-arounds, etc.
> Maybe it's just me...

the base OS doesnt need much space, so it can live on the SAN with the
data. thus the local disk is unnecessary.

-matt zagrabelny

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