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Re: problems with qla2x00

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 16:17 +0100, andreas.sumper@nimbus.at wrote:
> Hi List! 
> I have a big problem with the debian qla2x00 packages. 
> I use debian sarge with kernel 2.6.8-smp on an intel xeon dual
> processor machine with 1 GB RAM and a QLogic Card, connected to a SAN.
> I tryied to install the software (qla2x00 v. 7.0), but it did not work
> at all. I could not compile the module. So I decided to install the
> debian - package. But this had the same effect either. I tried to
> install the kernel - headers, but maybe I got something wrong... 
> During compilation it seems, that files like modversions.h and other
> could not be found... 
> Has anybody some idea how I can fix this problem? 

i have just got done installing sarge on a similar machine that is set
to boot off of the SAN. 

the debian installer wanted to load the qlogicisp module for the qlogic
card, that failed. the instructions for the qlogic card said to modprobe
the qla2200 module, that module didnt exist. during the install i
switched over to another virtual console and modprobed the correct
module with: `modprobe qlogicfc` .

then the disk partition on the SAN was recognized and the install could

-matt zagrabelny

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