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Re: [OT] Debian advocacy for Smart but Scared People With Lives

On (21/10/04 14:59), s. keeling wrote:
> Incoming from William Ballard:
> > On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 12:16:21PM -0700, Gilbert, Joseph wrote:
> > > session and found that KDE had autodetected my sound card.  You may want to
> > > have them give Sarge a try.  It may be a lot easier than even you suspect...
> > 
> > This isn't a technical thing, so much as a motivation thing.  I actually 
> Exactly.  I'd guess the best you could do is set them up with a dual
> boot system, and beg them to try it for a week.  Give them Evo for
> mail, and OO.  You better ensure everything works correctly "out of
> the box", and is secured, or they'll just end up with yet another
> insecure and unstable platform.  You'll probably need to consider data
> migration issues too.  How to get their mail from Windows to Linux and
> back again?  You're also going to be their sysadmin for a while; do
> you have remote access to their machines?  Are they going to trust you
> to be root on their machines?
> Maybe you should wait until the next disaster befalls them (shouldn't
> be long).  They may then be better motivated to accept the challenge.

Have a look at Xandros 2.0 Open edition.  It's Debian based and seems to
auto-detect most things.  It is a halfway house between windows and
debian and we installed it on a few machines with some success.  One of the
great things is that it mounts the windows drives so that you can see
them from Xandros.



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