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RE: [OT] Debian advocacy for Smart but Scared People With Lives

See my earlier post regarding the Sarge install.  I installed it as a
desktop workstation.  X-windows worked fine (but I will have to do some more
work to get the proper Xserver for my card installed).  I logged in to a KDE
session and found that KDE had autodetected my sound card.  You may want to
have them give Sarge a try.  It may be a lot easier than even you suspect...
keep in mind, that is a may.  :-)

Joe Gilbert

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Subject: [OT] Debian advocacy for Smart but Scared People With Lives

My brother in law and nephew are above-average with computer skills but 
not C programmers.  Both are resistant to trying the Knoppix CD 
I burned 
for them because I told them it's going to be really hard for them to 
get their sound card or network card or what have you working -- I 
didn't lie to them.

I just can't get them interested in Linux because they just can't get 
motivated to switch or even dual boot -- even though their 
computers are 
totally infested with Spyware.  Nephew can't go anywhere on the 
internet, he just works around it.

I'm just gonna give up on them.  Should everyone switch?

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