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Re: kernel update, initrd image help

one quick question:

apt-get install kernel-image-xxxxx

Thats going to install that specific kernel image alongside the existing kernel image, correct? i.e. its not going to replace it.

if so, how do i get lilo to offer me the choice to boot into both? I thought the linuxOLD section of my lilo.conf woudl be for the older kernel image. So i wasnt too concerned about the new kernel loading since i thought i could just boot back into the old one. Right now i'm going to have to reinstall the whole thing again since i dont have a choice as to which kernel loads. (not that big a deal since its a new system, just getting tired of all the re-installs)

thanks for the help,


At 02:43 PM 10/5/2004, you wrote:
Incoming from Ian L:
> I'm trying to install kernel 2.6.8 and during the apt process it says i
> need to configure lilo to use initrd.


See down at the bottom.

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