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Re: Newbie first-time install advice: Highpoint Rocket 133SB

Paul E Condon wrote:
> I just Googled '5100b modem' and found:
> http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/n101306.asp
> Reading these instructions, it seems to me that 5100b is a wanabe router,
> and that it seems to have all the functionality that you actually need.
> You can configure it by accessing it from your computer as if it were a
> web page at IP address This is very standard behavior for a
> consumer oriented router box. I can't guarentee that it will work, but I
> would be very surprised if it didn't.

  Yes, when I received my DSL package from SBC in early August I did a
bunch of researching myself.  I found the manufacturer's website, which
had some useful info.  Even more useful was the FAQs and forums at
dslreports.com.  There I found explanations about how this modem works,
including how it is different from previous DSL modems.  Its onboard
"router" is supposed to make it more convenient to use in general,
especially when first setting up.  I went to the IP address you referred
to and copied all of the important info down, so that I would have it
without having to look it up again later.

> The instructions that I'm reading concern turning off PPPoE, and really
> concern how to live with two 'routers' that both want to be addressed
> as
> Your bigger issue is getting your ISP to actually turn on service. Don't
> get too tangled up in config issues until you have determined that they
> have started service. To do that, borrow a Windoze laptop and try to
> connect to internet. If they don't get you connected that way, they
> surely won't get you connected with Linux.

  At the moment, I'm still running the old WinME dinosaur.  The SBC
installation CD worked, but only after I turned the modem off and back
on!  (Somehow ME was not detecting that the modem was even attached to
the NIC until I did that.  I sent an email to SBC suggesting that they
mention this as a troubleshooting tip, since I blew nearly an hour
trying to figure out why all of the lights were good but the installer
program still couldn't see it!)
  At any rate, my DSL account been activated and running very nicely for
about 2 months.  Thanks for the tips, though.
  Right now, I am most concerned about the Debian installer being able
to figure out how to use the thing.  If the installer can't figure it
out itself, then I will have to come back here pestering people to find
out what part of my configuration to change.  I printed out a forum
thread from somewhere in which some experienced user explained how to
get it working.  He fell short of providing details about what commands
to run, so as a newbie I'm still a little bit in the dark about what
commands to run and what configuration files to edit if I have trouble. 
For now all I can do is hope I don't have too much trouble, but I'm
already in big trouble over the original subject of this thread: 
getting a device driver for my (unusual) hard drive controller!

> I think you may be able to have a LAN, if you want. Once you get things
> working with you 5100b and one computer, you get a 'hub' and install it
> between the 5100b and your first computer.

  For now, I don't have the need (or the physical room) for a LAN
setup.  I had to move the computer into a small bedroom near a phone
jack for the DSL connection.  The room is 8' x 10', and has 1500 - 2000
books -- my personal library... the ones that fit inside the house, that
is!  The desk and printer stand are maxed out, and I can't fit any more
equipment in here even if I wanted to!
  I do have printouts on how to reconfigure my modem if I ever want to
use a real router, though.  But thanks for trying to help, anyway!  (You
wouldn't happen to know anyone who uses a Highpoint Rocket 133SB IDE
controller with their big [>137 GB] HD, would you?  I need to talk to
someone like that REALLY bad!!)

Dave W.

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