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Re: Newbie first-time install advice: Highpoint Rocket 133SB

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> I just moved to an area w/ SBC DSL service.  I had it set up
> a couple of weeks ago.  The SpeedStream modem works no problem
> with Linux.  Plug it into your NIC, get your IP address through
> DHCP and browse to to set up your connection
> and what not.  Works like a champ.

  Thank you, sir!

  For reference when I get around to installing, and for the
peace-of-mind of a newbie, what do you mean by "get your IP address
through DHCP"?  Is that a command, like this:


It sort of sounds like you already had a running system, with the DHCP
package already installed/configured.  If my CDs don't work, and I will
have try the Sarge netinst CD that I burned.  You wouldn't happen to
know anything about that, would you?  (It sure would be nice to have
that work well if the stable CDs can't get it done!)

Sincere thanks,
Dave W.

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