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udev, ide-scsi and cdrom drive

Under 2.4 kernel I was using append="ide-scsi=hdc" in lilo and using
scsi emulation for xcdroast/grip/etc etc.

Now in 2.6 with udev - the cdrom turns up as /dev/sr6 - and mount
won't read it. No hdc is present in /dev.

I've read a little - and it seems that ide-scsi is no longer
recommended - I'm not bothered over whether I use it or not so long as
xcdroast, grip and normal mounting of iso9660 disks works (doesn't
grip need a scsi-generic device?).

So - either - how to get ide-scsi to work or - how to remove ide-scsi
safely? Anyone with a working config on this one?

It would be nice if it turned up in /dev linked both as /dev/cdrom and
/dev/dvd - but that can probably be handled from udev rules.


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