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Re: OT: Re: how to start jbidwatcher

On Monday 06 September 2004 12:31 pm, Jacob S. wrote:
> I've never actually used jbidwatcher, just a couple of other java
> programs unrelated to ebay. For ebay I've been using 'bidwatcher'
> (similar name, unrelated project from what I can see). It works well,
> but it's not quite as fancy as jbidwatcher, so I may have to play around
> with jbidwatcher now. :-)
> I definitely like sniping my bids though. Otherwise it's pretty much
> impossible to find any kind of bargains on ebay these days (or at least
> in the computer sections where I spend most of my time).
> Jacob
 I was using bidwatcher as well, but the version in deb testing crashed during 
auction updates, (search around for this... it's a common and ongoing 
problem.. but may have been fixed by now...) and I actually found out about 
jbidwatcher while browsing a forum about bugs related to bidwatcher.

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