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Re: Re: Re: KDE 3.3 logout crashes the system

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:14:49PM -0400, David Bokan wrote:
> >Yes, I have tried CTRL-ALT-DEL and it does not work, which is why I believe
> that logging in over a LAN wont work, however, I will try a telnet/ssh when
> I get home tonight,
> I have tried to SSH into the system. It works when the system is running
> fine, however, when I do a logout of KDE and the screen freezes, I can't
> SSH. I believe that the kernel has crashed...is there a way I can get some
> debugging info or log the problems? ...
If you can get KDE to logout on a timer (forinstance with FakeClick on
the menu, if it works), then set it up to logout soon and hit

The kernel tries to be noisy when it crashes, but (dunno if this is
still true in the Age of Framebuffer Consoles) cannot talk while X is in
the foreground...

> ... Is this a known bug?
Search the BTS!

Goto http://bugs.debian.org

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