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[Fwd: Re: HTML editor. What to use?]

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Slightly off-topic, but I thought everyone might find this useful as I learned
it only a few days ago.

I always admired emacs for it's ability to run a shell within a frame of the
program.  It's very useful for programming, is wonderful for web development as
well since you can run lynx or another text-browser to test things as you go. 
However, I am one of those who prefer vim, and vim does not have this ability
built in.

I discovered a program called SCREEN, which is available in all three levels of
the debian release (i use sarge).  Screen allows you to run multiple shells at
the same time, split their windows, etc.  So I now start screen, split the
window, and run vim in one of the two frames.  Using this method vim has the
same capability as emacs to run a shell and edit files at the same time.

Back on topic...

I've often considered a nice gui editor for webdesign, but each time i start to
dabble in one I quickly return to vim or emacs.  The gui's such as quanta or
bluefish indeed have nice completion features, forms to insert code, etc. 
However, they're always missing things I need which forces me to go back and
edit the code anyway.  I prefer having the ability to code whatever I want,
follow my own methods and practices, etc.  I always feel too constrained using
a gui editor.

Also, if you're used to shortcut keys for movement (vim and emacs are both
spectacular in this area), it's a pain to be without them.  Another thing to
consider, will you be editing this page remotely?  It's much easier to log into
a machine remotely and edit with vim/emacs than it is with a gui editor.  Vim
and emacs are also commonly installed on most 'nix machines, whereas the gui's
are not.  Learning vim or emacs gives you the ability to sit down at almost any
'nix and get work done.

Lots of things to consider.  My dream program of course would be an html gui
such as quanta or bluefish wrapped around the vim editor.  Then all would be
right in the world ;)


Quoting Joris Huizer <jorishuizer@planet.nl>:

> > I think that the best editor that you can use is emacs,
> > you can edit whatever you want there even assembler.
> >
> > I recomend that one, besides you can run commands
> > whithin it.
> >
> > Regards.
> >
> Well, you can do all that in vim too ;) Don't call emacs or vim the
> best, it's a matter of taste! :p
> (sorry I had to jump in with such a statement)
> Joris
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