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Re: KDE 3.3 logout crashes the system

On (31/08/04 13:14), David Bokan wrote:
> >Yes, I have tried CTRL-ALT-DEL and it does not work, which is why I believe
> that logging in over a LAN wont work, however, I will try a telnet/ssh when
> I get home tonight,
> I have tried to SSH into the system. It works when the system is running
> fine, however, when I do a logout of KDE and the screen freezes, I can't
> SSH. I believe that the kernel has crashed...is there a way I can get some
> debugging info or log the problems? Is this a known bug?
FWIW David, I don't have a problem when logging out but have had the
system crash on me after being left on suspend for a long time.  Some
times it is with the screensaver locked and soemtimes with just a blank
screen.  I'm pretty sure it's a KDE3.3 issue.  I'm on ppc BTW.



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