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Re: Well documented [was Re: nvidia drivers]

Guest, Simon wrote:
> ...
> It's all well documented what you have to do.  Once you realise that the best 
> documentation for knowing how to use packages in Debian is often to be found 
> in /usr/share/doc/<package-name>, everything becomes straightforward.  
> (Thanks to those fine chaps, the Debian developers, for their excellent 
> Install these Debian packages :-
> nvidia-glx                      - NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x driver
> nvidia-kernel-common            - NVIDIA binary kernel module common files
> nvidia-kernel-source	- NVIDIA binary kernel module source
> Then carefully follow the instructions 
> in /usr/share/doc/nvidia-kernel-source/README.Debian
> cheers,
> Simon
> PS: If you do this, you don't need anything from the NVidia web site. 

Thanks for that - those instructions worked like a charm for me.

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