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Re: nvidia drivers

On Monday 23 August 2004 06:13 am, Tom Allison wrote:
> OK, I tried to install the nvidia kernel headers and such with a stock
> debian kernel.  I didn't see any errors through any of the steps,
> however I keep getting failure when I now start X.  IIRC the packages
> where nvidia-kernel and variou headers and such.  The list of the
> specific packages isn't available right now since I've shut things down...

nv? in my machine there's one also : Elsa nvidia Geforce MX440 64M. I install 
Debian Woody 3.0 r2 + xfree86-4.3-JoeyHess (about 150MB) + copy XF86Config-4 
from Knoppix 
3.4 LiveCD (edited some lines). X run OK.

m k h _ s g n

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