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Re: email questions...

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

On 2004-08-06, John Summerfield penned:
Using your ISPs relay also works well, and has other benefits too.
Such as taking your mail more quickly than the remote site(s),
especially if you send mail to lots of people.

I don't think I understand this.  Why would using an ISP's relay speed
up the mail transfer?  Because your own server only sends one copy and
the ISP's server then chunks it up for everyone?  (That's just a guess;
haven't looked into it.)

That's right. Why deliver 100 times when once will do?

In my case, I configure my firewall as the outgoing mail gateway: everyone else sends through it. If I do change ISP, it's one box to change.

keep it in the list <user@localhost>

Make this <nobody@localhost>:-)



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