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Re: email questions...


After some testing, I found that I can send email to some addresses and cannot do it for others. I get the following error:

SMTP<< 550 You are not allowed to send mail:sc001pub.verizon.net

this was when I tried to send a message to my email account with my ISP. I was able to send msg to a hotmail account. I was not able to send msg to other accounts (other domains) but did not get the error above either (maybe the msg gets filtered based on some criteria like fake dns name?).

My big questions is why can't I send this email from my local account and I can send it via Mozilla (using my ISP account). I read somewhere that POP is for retrieving email from the server and smtp is used for outbound messages (from the email agent like mozilla to the mail server).

Any ideas?



John Summerfield wrote:

Mario Flores wrote:


I can read my ISP's email using mozilla (POP mail account), I can read my local email using 'mail' (with exim being the mta). But I cannot send emial from my local mail account to the rest of the world or to my ISP's email address. How can I do that?

For me, it "just works." You need to do a little exploration and find messages that show what's wrong. Log files in /var/log are good places to look.

In addition, how can I send emial via a script? That is to set up a cron job to send an email locally or to someone on the internet (using my ISP email account since I don't have a valid DNS name). I tried 'mail' but could not get a message to be sent with a single command line.

Attend to the first part first. Then the mail command should work much like this:
ls -lR | mail -s "I have these files" me@example.com

I have read that fetchmail can retrieve POP mail, but I could not find a program that does the opposite without being interactive.

You should be able to use the sendmail directly if the mail command as above is unsatisfactory. Once you have the first problem sorted out.

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