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Re: debian-installer: partman, limited; base-install failed, grave error?

| I'm trying to install a fresh copy of Debian unstable using the unstable
| boot/root floppies from 20040715.
| ....
| I am not sure what to look for in the syslog or messages files.  Near the
| beginning of the install, I skip the "load drivers from disk", as there are no
| esoteric devices in this machine, and ide-related modules are reported as
| "missing" (ide-mod, ide-probemod, ide-detect, ide-generic, ide-floppy,
| ide-disk, ide-cd, isofs).
| ....

Leif W .... 

  I just went through this a couple of days ago
  with a Floppy-Disk/Net install of Debian Sarge .... 

  That install also failed until I used the  cd-drivers  image
  when prompted .... 

  This seems to include some  ide  related libraries
  that were necessary for the rest of the installer to cope
  on this machine, an old Compaq .... 

  After loading the drivers from this floppy image,
  the installer scans for the CD-ROM and there seems
  to be a bit of confusion about whether or not
  the install is going to be from CD, but it is workable
  and eventually leads to a clean install ....
Cousin Stanley
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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