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Re: Trying to install to SATA drives on RAID 1

Paul Gear wrote:

John Summerfield wrote:
Can anyone shed any light on this issue?  I'm a Red Hat refugee trying
to install Sarge, without much success so far.  I posted the message
below on debian-boot without any response.  I've also searched the
debian-user archives without result.

BTW, i'm not particularly worried about the installer side of things, as
long as i can get my mkinitrd working OK.  Any thoughts on that?
Details included again below...

4.  Install latest Sarge snapshot to standard ATA drive.  Set up RAID
devices (md0 = 1 Gb /boot, md1 = 4 Gb swap, md2 = 195 Gb /), rsync ATA
partition to SATA partitions, chroot to target partitions and run LILO.

This method seems to be on the verge of working, but when i boot
from the /boot partition, it can't mount md2 on /.  I can boot from the
SATA /boot and use the ATA /.  It seems the md devices aren't started,
and i can't work out how to include them in the initrd.  On RH, you
could just specify preload modules on the mkinitrd command line, but
that doesn't seem to be the case here.  I added raid1 and md to
/etc/mkinitrd/modules, but that doesn't help.

How do i do that?  I've never run a serial console on a Linux box.
Try reading the installation documents:-)

You mean the ones that only apply to Woody and kernel 2.4?  :-)

No no. Find the debian-installer home page - the links _are_ there on the Debian home page:-)

Even so, those would do I should think.

And man bootparam

Mine (Red Hat 9) doesn't say anything about serial consoles.

Oh. It is a bit old. See

Actually, I think the RHL docs might be better in this matter, if you look at the right one. For sure, I've seen better than this snipped.
console=        [KNL] output console + comm spec (speed, control,

Basically, you connect two machines using a null-modem cable attached to their serial ports. On one, you listen (and drive if you want) with a terminal program such as minicom. The other, you tell the kernel to use the serial port as its console.



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