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Re: Trying to install to SATA drives on RAID 1

John Summerfield wrote:
> ...
>>>> Can anyone shed any light on this issue?  I'm a Red Hat refugee trying
>>>> to install Sarge, without much success so far.  I posted the message
>>>> below on debian-boot without any response.  I've also searched the
>>>> debian-user archives without result.

BTW, i'm not particularly worried about the installer side of things, as
long as i can get my mkinitrd working OK.  Any thoughts on that?
Details included again below...

> 4.  Install latest Sarge snapshot to standard ATA drive.  Set up RAID
> devices (md0 = 1 Gb /boot, md1 = 4 Gb swap, md2 = 195 Gb /), rsync ATA
> partition to SATA partitions, chroot to target partitions and run LILO.
> This method seems to be on the verge of working, but when i boot
> from the /boot partition, it can't mount md2 on /.  I can boot from the
> SATA /boot and use the ATA /.  It seems the md devices aren't started,
> and i can't work out how to include them in the initrd.  On RH, you
> could just specify preload modules on the mkinitrd command line, but
> that doesn't seem to be the case here.  I added raid1 and md to
> /etc/mkinitrd/modules, but that doesn't help.

> ...
>> How do i do that?  I've never run a serial console on a Linux box.
> Try reading the installation documents:-)

You mean the ones that only apply to Woody and kernel 2.4?  :-)

> And man bootparam

Mine (Red Hat 9) doesn't say anything about serial consoles.

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