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Re: What's blocking Port 25?

Muddled thinking was also a problem! I was taking the
"connection refused" message to be a symptom that the
firewall was rejecting packets on that port. But I
should have remembered from my own experience (duh)
that one gets that message when trying to connect to a
port on which no service is listening. Sheesh.

I manually started exim as a listening port with exim
-bd, and everything fell into place. I started
receiving mail from the outside world, and lsof -cv
exim -a showed exim is up and running.

Next, I took a closer look at the /etc/inet.d/exim4
script, which was left over from an earlier install
from binaries. I'd hand-edited it to reflect the path
to the binaries I'd compiled myself -- and screwed up.
Once I correctly entered the path to the new exim
binary, the init.d script began working properly.


--- John Summerfield <debian@ComputerDatasafe.com.au>
> Griffin Palmer wrote:
> >Hmm. When I try the syntax with 'post,' as in your
> >example below, I get output similar to what you
> show
> >below. 
> >
> >When I try lsof -c exim -a -i, I get nothing. 
> >
> >  
> >
> That sounds like a problem. Unless the exim program
> has some other name 
> (I don't use it) then it's not running.

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