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Re: Howto make root commands available to any user

Micha Feigin wrote:

The reset will force a reset, thats true (I am not sure it even goes
through the bios).

I seem to recall some BIOS-flashing program I ran recently claimed to be able to turn it off. However, I don't know any way in _linux_ to do that. Besides, most of my boxes don't have reset buttons.

	- hitting the power switch ... will power off the box immediately
	or delay 5 seconds before power off .. more bios code ..

Thats mostly false for most machines (at least intels) still alive today
(probably at least somewhere around pentium III 450 and up).  The power
button is usually soft off, where it sends a shutdown message to the
system (sometime needs the option set in the bios), and it sends an apm
or acpi message to the system.

All the way back to my ancient Pentium II 233 and Asus P2L97-S motherboard, still in use.



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