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Re: cloning hdb4 to another machine

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Wanda Round wrote:

> Since the new machine already boots hda1 (Windows), with choices 
> for hdb1 and hdb3, how do I get the hdb4 original to use hdb3? 
> The original machine uses lilo, the target machine already uses 
> grub.

current# mkdir /mnt/clone
current# mount target:/mnt/hdb3 /mnt/clone

# let's assume /dev/hdb3 is mounted as /home
	if /dev/hdb3 is mounted "/", than copy only the important stuff
	- use /bin /boot /dev /etc /home /lib /opt /root /sbin /usr /var
	instead of "*" in the tar command

current# cd /home
current# tar cf - * | ( cd /mnt/clone ; tar xvfp - )


boot target machine ... fix grub ...to boot /dev/hdb3 in addition to
whatever it's booting now

- after, preferably before  booting /dev/hdb3, you'd need to add a
  couple of empty dirs
	mkdir /tmp /proc
	chmod 1777 /tmp

c ya

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