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Re: cloning hdb4 to another machine

Thomas Adam wrote:

--- Wanda Round <wandaround@myrealbox.com> wrote:

Would like to clone that to another machine hdb3 with 4.5 gb total (was Mandrake). Entire hard drive is 10 gb.

You'll want to read this, then:


This needs a little adaptation. Step 5 might be , instead of

5. (cd /mnt/old && tar cf - . ) | (cd /mnt/new && tar xvfp -)

something like this:
tar czC /mnt/old . | ssh thatbox tar zxpC/mnt/new

You will want passwordless login via ssh.
Whether you want compression depends on CPU power, network speed and your patience.

In general, you _can_ also use dd in like manner. As I recall, you need to

However, best not to do this with filesystems mounted rw.

A challenge to anyone who says dd won't work: try it. I have done it, on different-sized partitions. Worked fine for me.

However you get the data across, you then have to
(re)install your boot mangler
Reconfigure /etc/fstab
Reconfigure /etc/network/interfaces
Maybe, reconfigure your modules selection such as for your network card.



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