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cloning hdb4 to another machine

Just a tiny bit past total newbie here--

I have Debian testing on one machine set up exactly how I want it 
on hdb4 (1.5 of 5.5 gb used), swap is hdb5 (512 mb). Entire hard 
drive is 15 gb.

Would like to clone that to another machine hdb3 with 4.5 gb 
total (was Mandrake). Entire hard drive is 10 gb.

Reading the Mondo docs, I think it might be the thing, but 
sometimes has problems in Debian.

Questions: With Mondo, would I have to put on cdr the whole of 
the original hdb? (Wasn't clear on that) Would rather not have to 
do the whole 15 gb, just the hdb4.

Since the new machine already boots hda1 (Windows), with choices 
for hdb1 and hdb3, how do I get the hdb4 original to use hdb3? 
The original machine uses lilo, the target machine already uses 

I've only used k3b to backup data; but could k3b create cds that 
would allow making the new clone?

Is there another (simple) way to clone from hdb4 to hdb3 on 
another machine? (and successfully run!)

(Yes, I've already been told I shouldn't have put the whole thing
in one partition--that's to re-do later.)



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