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Re: How I killed spam without TMDA

On Tuesday 2004-07-13 11:49 am, Greg Folkert wrote:

> I like your attitude Kirk. I have used many of your snippets/pages to
> make things more workable in the WWOIT (Wonderful World Of Information
> Technology)

Thanks, Greg!  I appreciate the feedback.

> I can say this, those .cf directives are portable to Exim(v4.x) as well.

No kidding?  I don't know much about Exim but that surprises me.

> I too have seen a severe drop in my Spam. I am even using RulesDuJour

I've started using RulesDuJour, too.  However, I really mean what I say in 
the comments: by the time email gets to the ClamAV/SpamAssassin phase, the 
vast majority (read: nearly all) of spam and viruses have already been 
filtered.  SpamAssassin has been tagging an average of zero to two spams 
*per day*, and I've not received more than one false negative in a given 

For all intents and purposes, I no longer receive spam.  I am so completely 
thrilled with these filters' performance that I wanted to share the good 
news.  :)
Kirk Strauser

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