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Re: How I killed spam without TMDA

Kirk Strauser wrote:
> I've started using RulesDuJour, too.  However, I really mean what I say in 
> the comments: by the time email gets to the ClamAV/SpamAssassin phase, the 
> vast majority (read: nearly all) of spam and viruses have already been 
> filtered.

    As well as legitimate mail.  :)

> SpamAssassin has been tagging an average of zero to two spams
> *per day*, and I've not received more than one false negative in a given 
> day.

    But that's only 1/2 the equation.  False positives are far more
destructive than false negatives.  How many false positives do you get in any
given day?

> For all intents and purposes, I no longer receive spam.  I am so completely 
> thrilled with these filters' performance that I wanted to share the good 
> news.  :)

    You could achieve exceptional spam prevention rates by simply unplugging
your ethernet cable.  ;)

    As for my comment about false positives, here's one for you.  Literally.
Check your logs for this message I'm sending right to you (I normally trim out
copies to the author) and see what it says.  :D

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