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Re: fast, tabbed, gnome/wm- compliant terminal

--- Zenaan Harkness <zen@freedbms.net> wrote: 

> I'm thinking of changing though. I do like the GNOME virt. desktop
> pager, panels, and the fact that my Epiphany (gnome's mozilla) windows
> are remembered across reboots.

That's a function of gnome-session. Fvwm allows for you to do exactly what
you're wanting to. :)
> On the other hand, if I can lay out my xterms manually, then I can just
> stick em in a shell script and run that each time I boot up to get all
> my terms up in a single hit. I already have a script for starting
> gkrellm, ssh tunnel and gkrellm attached to my server.

why not add them to ~/.xsession (assuming you launch via a graphical DM):


xterm -T "my xterm" -geometry 80x25+12+321 &
xterm -T "my xterm2" -geometry 120x87+500+2 &
exec gnome-session

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