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Re: Pros/Cons Kde vs Gnome?

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 02:17:49PM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Micha Feigin wrote:
> > And in such scenarios I find other window managers much more suiting
> > for the task.
>     And yet when someone comes here asking for a comparison between the two
> you feel compelled to lambast their choice.  Nice.

1. If you will read the whole thread you will see that its just gone off
track, and you pushed in this direction in the first place. Push
someone in the corner and then attack them for being pushed in the
corner |-D

2. I did answer about gnome/kde that personally I prefer gnome. I
don't like kde's settings, look, and I get the feeling that they are
trying to bring M$ monopoly to the linux desktop (maybe just because
they are trying to make a kde version of everything). In any case I
don't like the kde/gnome way of a bunch of background servers. I can
see the idea where you get the changes implemented immediately, but I
fill they overdid the whole thing, and that the interface is too heavy
compared to what it could have been and still provide a better user

3. I still prefer other window managers (fvwm personally) and as the OP
was wondering were to go I felt it was still the place to mention them
(people looking at gnome/kde sometimes bypass other window mangers for
the wrong reasons).

> > And if you go into options how do I make a custom menu with gnome, or
> > don't they think I may WANT THEM.
>     How should I know.  Did I ever say I use Gnome?

In that case I will let you know its impossible from gnome 2. Menus are
hard coded (unless the fixed the problem in the mean time).

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