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Re: Dear Debian Maintainers (usability)

I can understand not wanting to be used/abused by the community and I 
admit the idea that we need to give further respect to the developers 
in the open source community has allot of merit; In fact I agree with 
it, but at the same time IMHO a balance must be something to strive 
for, else old blood not feel the need to pass on information and new 
blood fail to make the community around open source grow stronger.

As for the publics opinions, I was simply trying to remind others 
before things got out of hand that you are responsible for your 
actions; This was simply to head off any incident in the hope we 
could all move on to better and more productive things (like helping 
others, for example), since I sensed that if I did not do so things 
would slowly escalate beyond proportion, and I have too much respect 
for linux and the people that make it possible as a whole for that to 
happen, so if I can help stop it before it starts I will.

BTW, I am a developer in the open source community, but I was not 
trying to make a issue of it, since it did not seem important for me 
to do so; But perhaps I should of, I think if I had perhaps my 
observations would have carried more merit to fellow developers and 
average users alike.

Sorry if I was unclear.

 - D

On 8 Jun 2004 at 19:07, Chris Metzler wrote:

> On Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:45:40 -0700
> dking@pimpsoft.com wrote:
> >
> > I have to agree; Most users are just that, users.  If you want them 
> > to mature into fellow developers and grow in both ability and 
> > willingness to help, the community and most of all the people with 
> > the power to directly manage it need to come together and support 
> > that end goal in others by making them WANT to stay.
> At the same time, if you want the current developers to continue
> to do so, and to continue to commit truly *enormous* amounts of
> their personal time and effort to the preparation of an operating
> system that you get for absolutely free, then all of us need to
> not act like the developers are at our beck and call, providing
> us something to which we are entitled.  While I wouldn't have
> added the "wah wah wah!" part, I, too, found the post to which
> Jaldhar Vyas replied to be a bit selfish in tone; and I know
> that if I was putting tons of time into developing Debian and
> then read something like that, I'd be pretty annoyed too.
> > I cant control the publics opinions of individual peoples actions, 
> > but I can remind you that every action, insult, and retort made here 
> > is mirrored and public all around the world.. If you want to be seen 
> > as arrogant or insulting and brave the wraith of a community that 
> > does not like attacks on it, that's up to you.
> It's interesting.  I tend to think of members of the "free software"
> or "open source" communities as being people who are investing or
> have invested a lot of time and effort into its development.  I don't
> really think that describes me at this point, so I don't assert my
> "membership" in same.  Given that you're speaking for that community,
> I presume it describes you?  It certainly describes the person to
> whom you're giving a lecture about that community.
> -c
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