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Re: Dear Debian Maintainers (usability)

> us something to which we are entitled.  While I wouldn't have
> added the "wah wah wah!" part, I, too, found the post to which
> Jaldhar Vyas replied to be a bit selfish in tone; and I know
> that if I was putting tons of time into developing Debian and
> then read something like that, I'd be pretty annoyed too.

Sorry, that is *not* what I wanted. The old problem with emails, that you dont 
have a voice to say how you mean it. I dont want start a flamewar, I dont 
want to say all this is bullshit. Never! It *is* great and it was (and is) a 
lot of work.
But when I read 10 times the same problem with other words explained in this 
list, I am wondering if this is really necessary. I just wanted to give you a 
hint, what additional functions the new (hopefully) wonderful installer may 
can have. Probably this list would have half the size.

And I am not in the postion to say: "Hey, I am your user, do it for me". How 
can I? 
What I am missing is a hint: hey, dont mind, here is a tool, try it out... 
Isnt there a config tool at all ( I do not mean dpkg, but a wrapper for it)? 
Some work in progress maybe? Anything I can start with? 

I could start a new one, but I dont like to make the same work twice. And the 
feeling to say: hello, I am new, and I write for you all a nice config tool, 
it will be great... this is... (could someone translate unglaubwuerdig, 

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