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Re: USB module causing lockups? (Was: Strange lockups in X)

El lun, 07-06-2004 a las 16:30, J. Preiss escribió:
> Just got a lockup: put usb drive in, everything was dead. If someone is 
> interested in logs or something like that... my /var/log is yours...
> (I was reading four scsi drives with audio cds at that time, transforming them 
> to ogg... so my two processors were a little bit under pressure).

Bah, I can reproduce USB originated freezes whenever you want... (I
replied prodly ;-)

I bought a mp3 usb 1.1 player that is faulty (it crashes from time to
ime while playing and I have to reset it), so it is not a good test
piece, but:

 * Whenever I just plug the USB thing into my debian and try to access
it, the whole system freeze.
 * If I plug it in th same machine (=same HW) but with Windows 2K/XP, it
will see it as a vfat32 drive without any extra driver and it will work
 * My usb printer and usb scanner work ok in debian.

My *brilliant* conclusions:
 1) USB is working in my debian (Sid) box (printer, scanner)
 2) Linux is more sensible to some usb devices like the mp3 player than
 3) I'm going to have my mp3 player replaced... ;-)

As I said before, the crashes could be caused by a bug in debian's
driver code, a bad implementation in usb storage standard in my mp3 or
simple because it is defective. But anyway what I'm sure 100% through my
short experience is that my freezes are caused by my usb player, and
that Debian is more sensible to usb than WinXP, hope these all changes
in short.

PS: If anyone wants traces/logs I'll be happy to feed him!!!

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