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Dear Debian Maintainers (usability)

It is great what you are doing. But the usability of debian itself... I get 
the feeling that I'm too stupid to use it. 
I do understand the installation stuff with apt-get, ok. If the package 
configures itself, it may works. But when I have to use dpk-reconfigure, I 
always wonder what the correct package cpuld be. And if I have an answer from 
the debian list, it only works partially. 
dpkg-reconfigure locales. I can select de-utf8@euro, I can select this as 
default. Additionally I have selected all DE-sets and all RU-sets. At the end 
I have locales generated...l and my keyboard layout is english :-( (in text 
mode, X didn't want to start).
Another thing is the network. Until now I dont know how to change from dhcp to 
static ip. Maybe I should rtfm, thats true, but on the other side: shouldnt 
it be as easy as clicking a button and enter the IP? It does not have to be 
graphical with buttons, but a small menu would be great.

I hope the new installer will care about these problems. I dont want to change 
back to suse. I dont want to pay just because of new kernel / new kde / new 
version of .... 

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