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Re: Dear Debian Maintainers (usability)

On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 04:47:56PM +0200, J. Preiss wrote:
> It is great what you are doing. But the usability of debian itself... I get 
> the feeling that I'm too stupid to use it. 
> I do understand the installation stuff with apt-get, ok. If the package 
> configures itself, it may works. But when I have to use dpk-reconfigure, I 
> always wonder what the correct package cpuld be. And if I have an answer from 
> the debian list, it only works partially. 

dpgk-reconfigure is only required if you want to reconfigure a
package. Packages remember the initial configurations so you need to
configure them on upgrade only if a configuration option changed.

> Example:
> dpkg-reconfigure locales. I can select de-utf8@euro, I can select this as 
> default. Additionally I have selected all DE-sets and all RU-sets. At the end 
> I have locales generated...l and my keyboard layout is english :-( (in text 

Locales have nothing to do with the keyboard. They control how things
are displayed on screen. I don't know how to change keyboard in the
console (I think console-tools or something like that), in X its in the
XF86Config-4 file, using a variety of graphical configurators (very
little experience with them I'm afraid), or using the gnome/kde
keyboard switchers. Tell me what you want to set and we'll find out how.

> mode, X didn't want to start).

Where does X fail and what version? hopefully we can help you start it

> Another thing is the network. Until now I dont know how to change from dhcp to 
> static ip. Maybe I should rtfm, thats true, but on the other side: shouldnt 
> it be as easy as clicking a button and enter the IP? It does not have to be 
> graphical with buttons, but a small menu would be great.

IIRC the installation process allows you to set that. Otherwise the
settings are in /etc/network/interfaces. I am sure that there is a gui
that does that but don't know any.

> I hope the new installer will care about these problems. I dont want to change 
> back to suse. I dont want to pay just because of new kernel / new kde / new 
> version of .... 

All these exist in unstable (and its not as unstable as its sounds. I am
also using a lot of stuff even from experimental and the system is very

The new things will never be in stable (maybe except for the couple of
months following release until they get updated).

suse is mostly comparable the unstable not to stable.

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