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Re: Software to create 3D buttons for use on web pages, etc

On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 11:18:12AM +0000, Simon L wrote:
> Kevin Murphy wrote:
> >I'm interested in creating 3D-buttons, ideally with a rounded, 
> >ray-traced look.
> >
> >Anybody have any advice?
> >
> >I am hoping that someone has scripted one of the major graphics 
> >programs to help automate this process.  I.e. it seems that it should 
> >not be too difficult to have a front-end script offer relatively 
> >simple choices for shape, surface texture, transparency, size, color, 
> >font, text, lighting sources and then feed commands to a ray-tracing 
> >program.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Kevin Murphy
> >
> >
> In "The GIMP", you have some scripts that can do buttons. Just go in the 
> "Xtns" menu and in "Script-Fu".

Also google around, there are quite a few tutorials on creating nice
graphical buttons. You don't need a 3d program, just a few shading
tricks. (maybe a pinching filter to give a 3d effect to the text).

Take a look for example at:

More tutorials at:

Also for some basic 3d buttons created online take a look at:

> Have a nice day
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