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Re: desktop Linux for a debian user?

Incoming from S.D.A.:
> On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 03:01:02AM -0400 or thereabouts, Silvan wrote:
> > 
> > One of the other Rosegarden developers keeps trying to get me to buy a copy of 
> > SuSE, so I can get a "right and proper" distro.  No thanks...
> One pretty decent "Desktop Linux" based on Debian is Libranet;
> <http://www.libranet.com/download.html>. 
> The past version is always free, with the current version being the "Flagship
> Editon". A novice user will find the kernel rather current, and the installer
> very easy to use. It also has all the GUI wizards, "desktop" users tend to
> like.
> URL to a comparison between the commerical and past version;
> <http://www.libranet.com/classic_comparison.html>
> All one needs to do is change the sources list to Debian Testing/Unstable to get
> the missing apps that are in the current Flagship Edition. So, one can have the
> best of both worlds...

That last is not strictly true.  Libranet advises against upgrading
from one to the next.  You may have no trouble doing it, but they
suggest going from a fresh install instead.  Perhaps that's just them
trying to sell CDs; I don't know.  Starting with one release and
"apt-get upgrade"ing works fine.  Libranet does a decent job and
I'm sure many newbies would appreciate all the Wizards they supply.

Once installed, it's just like any other Debian system.  You don't
need to use the wizards.

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