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Re: Whom to ask about package system errors?

On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:15:43 +0200
Kevin Boergens <kevin@boergens.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> In the last days I had a huge problem with the package system, and I'm
> not sure whether the packages are messed up or whether it is my fault.
> All kde packages refuse to install. They need the libcupsys2 package,
> but according to apt-get, this has no installation candidate and is
> replaced by libcupsys2-gnutls10 and libcupsimage2. I'm using instable
> from the main Dutch ftp Mirror.
> I think that this propably isn't a problem for the user list, but where
> to get help?

You want to be able to run down issues like this if you're going to run
unstable, IMHO.  I did an "apt-cache showpkg libcupsys2" to find out
1) that it is indeed present in stable and testing, but not in sid; 2) that the KDE package that depends on it is kdelibs4, which just about
every KDE 3.x program depends on.  So then I checked the package page
for kdelibs4 in unstable (through packages.debian.org), and saw that
indeed, it's listed as depending on libcupsys2, which has no installation
candidate.  That sounds like a major bug, so I clicked on "Check bug
reports," and sure enough, it's been filed as a "serious policy violation"
bug against kdelibs4 -- seven times (by people who didn't bother to check
the BTS).

A quick google search also turned up this:



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