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Re: USB module causing lockups? (Was: Strange lockups in X)

Mmmmh... to continue the suse stuff: they gave the tip to load ehci before 
ohci, and IMHO ehci stands for the faster subsystem and ohci for usb 1.1, is 
that right? It would explain the situation that I have less problems with 
faster usb ports, and the problem would be only in the ohci code. 

Looking back.... I had lockups with XFree, too. I dont remember the 
underlaying system, but  the system was frozen. When I waited for the crash 
with top, X was in the first line. This had nothing to do with any usb 
modules, because I did not connect something. I simply waited. Sorry that I 
dont exactly remember.

But I would suggest to may have a look for interrupt sharing and acpi, that 
would include both, usb and xfree/graphic drivers, wouldn't it?

Am Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2004 16:00 schrieb Nate Bargmann:
> * J. Preiss <auba@af-i.de> [2004 Jun 03 08:03 -0500]:
> > I know this problem, too. At least at home everything freezes with a
> > chance of 50% when I put in an USB drive. This was with kernel 2.4 (with
> > backported usb modules from Suse I think) and kernel 2.6 (suse and
> > debian), and usb 1.1. With usb 2 it seems to work now .
> > Nevertheless, when I copy more than about 50 MB, the hard drive freezes,
> > but not the system (only on suse at home, not on debian at work). Ok, its
> > a little bit OT, but maybe a hint to the cause of the problem (?)
> Not OT at all as far as I'm concerned.  I think that you've provided a
> bit of confirmation that USB may just be where the problem lies.
> Part of the problem is that two weeks ago I made major changes to both
> systems.  1) A major update to resync with Testing as I was a few weeks
> behind and this resulted in the dfsg version of XFree being installed.
> 2) I transitioned to Debian packaged kernels in favor of my custom
> compiled ones.  3) I began using USB and having the low-level USB
> driver module loaded at boot and resident in memory on each machine.
> It was easiest to roll back to my older kernels which had worked
> flawlessly and the lockups continued (with the USB modules loaded).
> So I assumed the Debian kernels were not directly to blame.  Yesterday
> I hit upon the USB driver angle as I was back-tracking what had changed
> prior to the lockup problems.  Since rolling back the XFree packages
> would prove to be the biggest pain, I hadn't done so.  I was a bit
> suspicious of the dfsg XFree version since this indicates to me a
> completely new development path (fork) and believe it to be a reasonable
> assumption that the problem might lay there.  Since no one is reporting
> these kinds of problems with XFree, it probably is not the cause.
> I am running the 2.4.25 Debian kernels on each machine.  The 686
> version on this laptop and the k7 version on the desktop.  Each machine
> uses different low-level drivers with this laptop using usb-uhci.o and
> the desktop using uhci.o.  However, the desktop was more adversely
> affected by the lockups.  Is one driver buggier than the other?  Do
> they share some code?
> Time will tell if I have found that USB is the source of my problem.
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