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Re: Whom to ask about package system errors?


Thanks to both of you for the quick answer.

You want to be able to run down issues like this if you're going to run
unstable, IMHO.  I did an "apt-cache showpkg libcupsys2" to find out
1) that it is indeed present in stable and testing, but not in sid; 2) that the KDE package that depends on it is kdelibs4, which just about
every KDE 3.x program depends on.  So then I checked the package page
for kdelibs4 in unstable (through packages.debian.org), and saw that
indeed, it's listed as depending on libcupsys2, which has no installation
candidate.  That sounds like a major bug, so I clicked on "Check bug
reports," and sure enough, it's been filed as a "serious policy violation"
bug against kdelibs4 -- seven times (by people who didn't bother to check
the BTS).

A quick google search also turned up this:


Yes, thank you! This is what I asked for: The next time I will be able to get an overview of the situation on my own.


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