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Re: Very OT (and probably politically incorrect) - trivial programming language

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> I don't actually think anyone has a child for the child's sake.  It's
> not like growing up, being a human being, is necessarily fun, and it's
> certainly not easy.  It's awfully hard to read the newspaper headlines
> and believe that anyone is bringing a child into the world because it'll
> be such a great experience for the *child*.

> People have kids because they want a chance to somehow impress their
> values on another being; because they want to see the world through a
> child's eyes; because they're afraid of growing old alone; maybe just to
> pass on a name.  Those are just the more benign selfish reasons.

    Benign?  I quoted both paragraphs just to show why it is selfish and
certainly not benign.  In the first paragraph you're describing the state of
the world and then in the second paragragh give some examples of selfish
reasons.  They're certainly not benign when combined with the first one.  "The
world is a gritting, annoying, often dangerous and scary place.  IT's rough
out there.  I'm lonely.  I'll have a kid and bring it into this awful,
dangerous world to keep me from being lonely!"  Guh.  That's not benign at
all, that's downright cruel.

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