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Samba LDAP Help

How is debian's samba package configured?  Does it come with acl support 
or LDAP back-end support?  How does someone find out what a package was 
precompiled with.  I was reading a web site on how to set tup samba with 
LDAP and finding a good how to that steps a newbie though how to set up 
LDAP is hard to find.  They mentioned smb-ldap utils where could you find 
these packages for debian.  I did a apt-cache search for smb and LDAP and 
found no packages that resembled these.  I need to get samba with LDAP 
working but no luck so far.  I am running debian sarge.  How stable is 
that.  It is a great system.  No crashing yet.  Far better then redhats 
fedora or any of these other distro's.  Thanks debian guys.

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