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Re: Very OT (and probably politically incorrect) - trivial programming language

On 30 May, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
>> Ignoring the first sentence, I agree.
>> I'm a very selfish person right now; I don't get enough sleep, enough
>> toys, and enough time with my hubby as is.  I don't have the time and
>> resources for a dog, so I don't have one of those, either.  Even though,
>> in marked contrast to children, I actually want a dog.
>      Actually, when one gets down to it the vast majority of people who have
> children have them for purely selfish reasons.  

     ?????  What do you base this on?  In my experience, it's a very
     small minority who have children for purely selfish reasons.

> I have found that those who do
> not want children *and follow through with it* are not selfish at all.
> They're refreshingly honest.

     I don't think that selfishness and having or not having children
     are at all correlated.


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