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Re: Very OT (and probably politically incorrect) - trivial programming language

On 2004-06-01, Steve Lamb penned:
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> Christopher Judd wrote:
>> ?????  What do you base this on?  In my experience, it's a very small
>> minority who have children for purely selfish reasons.
>     Just take a look at their actions and the reasons they give.  Most
>     reasons are quite selfish in that they have very little to do with
>     the child.  The child is a means to fulfill some other reason.  If
>     it is (which it is in most cases) then it is not selfless and very
>     much selfish.  Give me a reason and I can tell you why it is
>     selfish.

I don't actually think anyone has a child for the child's sake.  It's
not like growing up, being a human being, is necessarily fun, and it's
certainly not easy.  It's awfully hard to read the newspaper headlines
and believe that anyone is bringing a child into the world because it'll
be such a great experience for the *child*.

People have kids because they want a chance to somehow impress their
values on another being; because they want to see the world through a
child's eyes; because they're afraid of growing old alone; maybe just to
pass on a name.  Those are just the more benign selfish reasons.

Anyway, if anyone wants to discuss, feel free to take it offline.  I'm
not going to reply publicly anymore.


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