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dhclient restriction in Unstable?

I've got 2 systems which are confusing each other.  Basically the
fileserver is supposed to be serving out dhcp services for some laptops
that connect on my subnet but giving out a range of

This worked great until the dhcp client running on my firewall grabbed
that IP for it's eth1 address.  That alone didn't cause any problems
except it grabbed the default route and applied it over the normal
default route for my cable modem.

Is there a simple way to tell the stock dhclient to only listen on eth0
and not eth1?  I'm working remote for a couple days and can't afford to
take it offline again (giving my wife directions to remove the default
route was a couple different colors of fun)...  I see where I can tell
dhclient to set a static on an interface but nothing about  "listen only
on eth0"...  In my /etc/network/interfaces I have eth0 as dhcp and eth1
as static but the dhclient running still grabbed the IP and applied it.


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