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Re: [OT] List of dates from evolutions calendar

Am Sa, den 29.05.2004 schrieb Paul Scott um 9:39:
> Joerg Johannes wrote:
> >Hi everybody
> >
> >Does anybody use the calendar function of evolution? I do, and I like
> >it, but I'm missing one feature. I'd like to let the program make a list
> >of dates such as:
> >
> >2004/06/05	10:30	Choir rehearsal in Neustadt
> >2004/07/02	20:00	Heather Nova Concert in Freiburg
> >2004/07/08	19:00	Jan Garbarek Concert in Freiburg
> >...
> >
> >I poked around in the menus, but did not find such a list-making
> >function. Maybe I can somehow grep dates out and sort/format them with
> >some perl hack... I'm just not skilled enough to get that done by myself
> >:(. Any ideas or pointers would be great.
> >  
> >
> I use Korganizer which stores in .ics files.  I wrote this Perl script 
> to do exactly that for .ics files.  Since ics files are not in date 
> order it sorts the data into date order.  Maybe it will help.
> usage:  portcal.pl <file.ics>
> Paul Scott

<snipped script>

Thanks Paul,

this script is exactly what I wanted. Only one problem: It freezes on
dates containing non-ASCII characters, especially "ß". Any idea how I
could solve this?
Furthermore, .ics from evolution is not equal to .ics from korganizer.
If I use the evolution Calendar.ics file, all dates are timed 5 pm - 5
pm, while after importing them to korganizer/export them as .ics again,
it works (apart from the "ß" problem). Strange.

However, on the Evolution mailing list I was told that this feature is
planned for Evolution 2.0, so let's hope this will be finished soon.

Thanks again, 

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