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editing (switching?) the Fixed font


Lately, due to a bug (#251355) in gnome-terminal, I switched from using
Andale Mono to Fixed (a bitmapped font) in all my terminals. I like
Fixed 9 more and more, and would love it if I somehow managed to do
at least one of these two things:

- get the Fixed 9 in gnome-terminal to look the
  same way it looks in Eterm; Eterm uses, I think,
  so I guess I'd like to have it "semicondensed" in fontconfig;

- switch 0 and O's places in the font file (which file is it?),
  or edit 0 (either move it a pixel to the left or make it look
  like O with a dot in the middle).

Unfortunately, I don't know how to approach any of these
problems - does anybody have a hint where to start digging?

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