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Re: dhclient restriction in Unstable?

On Tuesday 01 June 2004 11:38 am, Robert L. Harris wrote:

> Is there a simple way to tell the stock dhclient to only listen on eth0
> and not eth1?  I'm working remote for a couple days and can't afford to
> take it offline again (giving my wife directions to remove the default
> route was a couple different colors of fun)...  I see where I can tell

Ouuuuuuuch.  I've been in a similar boat, and I share your pain.  SEE EH TEE 
SPACE SLASH (no, not backslash, SLASH) Ugh.

> dhclient to set a static on an interface but nothing about  "listen only
> on eth0"...  In my /etc/network/interfaces I have eth0 as dhcp and eth1
> as static but the dhclient running still grabbed the IP and applied it.
> Thoughts?

Dunno if it's an acceptable hack in your situation, or if it would fix it.  I 
have the same setup as you with eth0 as dhcp, and eth1 static.  I started 
looking at my config.

Then I remembered all the trouble I had getting the automagic utilities to 
load the modules in the correct order to ensure which NIC was which.  Not the 
same problem you're having at all, but this could explain why I'm not seeing 
the same symptoms you are if dhclient has gone nuts.  When it's doing its 
bit, the other NIC doesn't exist yet.

I stuck this in my init scripts:

# This requires that both NICs be set to noauto in /etc/network/interfaces.

echo "Configuring eth0 and connecting to network..."
echo "Inserting module for Linksys NIC..."
modprobe tulip
echo "Running ifup eth0..."
ifup eth0

echo "Configuring eth1 and connecting to LAN..."
echo "Inserting module for on-board sis900 NIC..."
modprobe sis900
echo "Running ifup eth1..."
ifup eth1

Sorry if this was a useless idea.  Not a good long-term solution in any event. 
Not for me either, but hey, it works...

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

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