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Re: Need Lilo Configuration Advice for Dual Boot Setup

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 06:40:16AM -0700, Aldous Huxley wrote:
> I'm hoping that this group will again, offer up great, effective advice
> for an issue I'm grappling with.
> I have a computer with Windows 98 installed on the primary hard drive
> (c: windows; hda1 linux) and Woody installed on a second hard drive
> (d: windows; hdb1 linux).  When I installed Woody, I made the linux
> system bootable with a floppy, which as some of you probably already
> know, takes forever to boot up.  I want to use lilo to make my system
> dual bootable windows/linux at startup.  Since I originally made my 
> linux system bootable with a floppy, there is no /etc/lilo.conf file
> on hdb1.  I need to know each and every step to make my system dual
> bootable from the with hda1 partition, in other words, the boot
> partition of windows.

Install the lilo package (if you haven't already).
Read man lilo and man lilo.conf .
Edit /etc/lilo.conf . (It's commented very well so you see the meaning of all
To be sure, run lilo -t -v . (Test only.)
Run lilo . (_Never_ forget this step!)

> I am paranoid that windows will not work after installing lilo on my
> windows master boot partition, but someone told me that as long as you
> have made a windows bootable floppy with fdisk on it (which I have)
> that there is some command you can issue that will restore the mbr
> as it was.

fdisk /mbr
... or under linux: lilo -u

> So basically what I am asking of this group are the commands I need
> to include in a lilo.conf file (which I will create and hand-edit)

As I said above, you get a good template. There's not much more to do than
change some /dev/xxx's and remove some #'s.

> that will allow me to boot into windows 98 or woody, and also some 
> advice on how to restore my mbr as it was if all hell breaks loose.
> Thanks for all the sage advice, as always...

Joachim Fahnenmüller

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