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Need Lilo Configuration Advice for Dual Boot Setup

I'm hoping that this group will again, offer up great, effective advice
for an issue I'm grappling with.
I have a computer with Windows 98 installed on the primary hard drive
(c: windows; hda1 linux) and Woody installed on a second hard drive
(d: windows; hdb1 linux).  When I installed Woody, I made the linux
system bootable with a floppy, which as some of you probably already
know, takes forever to boot up.  I want to use lilo to make my system
dual bootable windows/linux at startup.  Since I originally made my
linux system bootable with a floppy, there is no /etc/lilo.conf file
on hdb1.  I need to know each and every step to make my system dual
bootable from the with hda1 partition, in other words, the boot
partition of windows.
I am paranoid that windows will not work after installing lilo on my
windows master boot partition, but someone told me that as long as you
have made a windows bootable floppy with fdisk on it (which I have)
that there is some command you can issue that will restore the mbr
as it was.
So basically what I am asking of this group are the commands I need
to include in a lilo.conf file (which I will create and hand-edit)
that will allow me to boot into windows 98 or woody, and also some
advice on how to restore my mbr as it was if all hell breaks loose.
Thanks for all the sage advice, as always...

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