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Re: Replicating Debian Systems

shrevie@ntnation.com wrote:
> But in my first attempt at installing on these boxes, using my Beta 2 
> Installer, I got an error message that it didn't have drivers for the 
> E1000 gigabit nics on these servers. (I've never used a gigabit nics 
> before with Debian, only with FC and RH).

You need linux-2.4.19 or later in order to get the e1000 driver.  The
older linux-2.4.18 did not have it.

> Here's my question:
> a) does Beta 4 have the e1000 drivers?

This is really a question of kernels and not of debian-installer.  But
yes, the beta 4 does have a newer kernel and so the driver is there.

> b) If not, how do I load the e1000 drivers during the install? Or for 
> that matter, how do I load ANY drivers during install that aren't part 
> of the Sarge or Sid distributions?

You can always use a driver disk.  Easier to get a newer kernel.


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